Image of Tsk Tsk & Ouchflower wall hanging #3

Tsk Tsk & Ouchflower wall hanging #3


Tiel Seivl-Keevers' work evolves from her natural surroundings. Texture, line and colour are elements that echo as she works through the passage of developing a blank surface to finished image.

Pippa Taylor is a maker with a passion for craft, thrift, collecting and all things Mid Century and Retro. Her love of pottery, embroidery, macrame, illustration, crochet, and screen printing have no bounds!

Pippa and Tiel's LEAF series collaboration comprises limited edition wall hangings, an amalgam of their enviable creative skills.

Made in Melbourne, Australia // 100% Linen // made to order : please allow 10-14 days.

Product Care: Gentle hand wash and dry flat

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